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About Content Powered

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Content Powered is a true full-service and award-winning blog management company. We know what it takes to succeed at content marketing and we make every dollar count.

With millions of other sites competing with you in search engine results, cranking out quick blog posts just doesn’t cut it anymore. We come from an eCommerce and marketing background and learned (from trial and error) that the posts we put the most effort into were yielding the most results.

Carefully researched and well-optimized content like this is worth sharing and linking to, and search algorithms overwhelmingly favor articles like this; so much so that the posts we create for our clients regularly rank above posts on major websites. For example, one of the clients we manage has many blog posts ranking above Facebook.com, since their articles are more complete and useful than their official articles.

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Aside from having a superior service, we are also very performance-focused. Research, strategy, and optimization all play a key role in our process.

We’re not just writers; we’re a team of inbound marketing professionals, graphic designers, webmasters, programmers, SEO professionals, eCommerce gurus, and conversion optimization experts; and of course, some of the very best fulltime in-house writers.

While we’re headquartered in greater Los Angeles, California, many of our employees work remotely. Most of our team and all of our writers are in the US, though we also have programmers and other team members in India, Europe, and The Philippines. We’re a tight-knit team that communicates primarily online through instant messenger, and also over the phone and email. If you're interested in joining the Content Powered family, check out our careers page for our latest listings.

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We speak with dozens of webmasters and CEOs every month, and we don’t charge for consultations or advice. We’d love to hear from you and hear about what stage your business is at and your goals moving forward.

About The Founder

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James Parsons is the founder and CEO of Content Powered. Having founded and grown several multi-million dollar eCommerce businesses solely through blogging, he created Content Powered to help other business owners grow their websites and sales by publishing useful, optimized, and well-researched content.

He’s also worked at several different agencies with roles ranging from Business Development Manager to CMO and was a major part of content marketing strategies for giant brands like eBay and Expedia. Keep reading...

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