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We’re certainly not the only content marketing company out there, but we strive to be the best. One of our core principles is to only sell a quality of service that is proven and that we believe in, even if it means missing out on a few customers. We’re the only known company that offers a fully-managed blog content service with an uncompromising level of quality and decades of experience, without the expensive agency price tag. Here's our 9 reasons why you should trust us to grow your business with content.

We treat your blog like it’s our own

When we onboard you as a new client, working with your blog is a full-time job. Instead of just cranking out an article, we study your industry, thoroughly review your site and your existing content and SEO, work with you to optimize your blog if changes are required, research your competitors, spend hours or even days with ideation and hunting down high traffic and low competition subjects, research reputable sources we can cite in our article, write drafts, edit, do a second round of edits, work with our graphic designers to create beautiful custom images, format with proper headers and meta/alt tags, optimize your articles and images, track your rankings, track performance in Google Analytics and Search Console, edit old articles with updates to improve rankings and relevance over time, and more, all to ensure that your blog posts are a success.

It’s a lot. And it’s the exact same thing we do for our own blog.

There’s a reason most content mills would rather just give you a piece of content as a downloadable file and let you figure out the rest. It takes practiced and experienced hands, and it’s days of extra work. How many writers are also seasoned SEO professionals, graphic designers, webmasters, eCommerce experts, and full-stack developers?

Our goal is to give your blog the same care, quality, and love that we put into our own blog, and to make you more money than you’re spending.

On that note, we actually practice what we preach – never trust a blog management company that isn’t successfully creating content for their own company blog. You wouldn’t hire a mechanic that always has a broken car, would you? Check out our blog when you have some time!

We know what we're doing

Between the experts on our team, we have decades of experience blogging, running eCommerce websites, coding, scaling websites, designing graphics, and achieving results. We’ve worked with thousands of different businesses in every imaginable sector, including many household names and Fortune 500 companies, like Expedia, eBay, Hostgator, and dozens more.

With most of our clients, our content marketing efforts tend to blend into their existing SEO efforts, and we’ll help them out with many things that are web design, programming, and SEO-related, even though it’s not necessarily part of their campaign. Creating content is much more than typing words into WordPress, and with search engines getting smarter at determining usefulness, relevancy, search intent, and quality, you want to to make sure all of your bases are covered or your blog posts may never see the light of day.

When you work with us, you’re working with a team of experts who read advanced SEO theory articles and content marketing trends for fun. We live and breathe content marketing, and we love what we do!

We hire the top 1% of writer talent

Finding competent writers is difficult and our hiring and interview process is very strict. Nothing is outsourced.

Our writers go through a number of tests and months of training before they can work with our client’s sites. We hire college graduates in the United States and Canada who are competent and fast typists, who thoroughly research their articles and cite their sources, and who are experts in their fields. We have writers who specialize in education, technology, health and fitness, business, travel, food, design, family, and many others. They produce quality and detailed content ranging anywhere from the intricacies of plumbing hardware to wiring your own coils on vape pens.

However, writing quality content isn’t everything; an article can be stellar quality and can read very well, but if it strays too far off-topic, it doesn’t matter how well written it is. Google puts a lot of weight on search relevance and user intent. If we’re writing an article titled “15 Email Alternatives to Gmail That Are Privacy-Focused”, the article doesn’t need a 500 word rundown on Gmail and their existing privacy features. We can assume that the user who is searching already knows what Gmail is, that they understand their current privacy features, and that they want something with better privacy. This is just one example of the sort of thinking and strategy that makes for helpful and high-ranking blog posts.

We do all of the heavy lifting

Aside from high-level marketing agencies that charge anywhere from $1,200 to $3,000 per blog article (some of our team members used to work at some of those agencies), we’re one of the few companies that offer a fully managed content marketing service.

Our goal is to handle as many aspects of the content creation process as we can. Some of our clients work with us with a more hands-on approach, such as giving us topics to write about, manually reviewing articles, and leading their own content strategy. Others prefer to let us handle everything from start to finish in a way that is completely hands-off. We are very flexible and work well under either situation.

Our service page and service comparisons page both have detailed information on all that is included with our fully managed campaigns. We’re not just creating articles; we’re forming a comprehensive content strategy that is focused on covering relevant evergreen topics that will yield results for years to come.

We do a lot more for you than just writing

It’s easy to oversimplify blogging (they look simple enough from the outside looking in), but blogging is a lot more than just writing.

Our team is comprised of search engine optimization experts that thoroughly research topics for traffic and competition, and can identify the low hanging fruit of high traffic / low competition topics that have the best chances at success. We also format them properly, review each and every outbound link manually and nofollow links to smaller sites where appropriate, write well-optimized meta titles and descriptions, apply ALT tags to images, ensure your website has caching enabled and a great Google Pagespeed insights score, track rankings, and much much more.

We also have full-time in-house graphic designers who create custom images for you in Photoshop. Not only will all of your images be properly optimized and fast-loading, but they’ll be the correct sizing, will be relevant and will add value to your content, and will be fully custom so you’ll own the rights to those images. We can even add custom watermarks so your logo is tastefully added to the corner of each image. Stock images are cheesy and don’t add much value. In fact, we find they tend to turn people away.

We also have full-stack developers in-house and blog optimization experts. Need WordPress plugin recommendations? We have you covered, and we’ll even set it up for you. Want your site to be faster? We’ll make it happen for you. Want to add a call to action to improve sales? We’ll help you do it in a way that is tasteful and effective without annoying your visitors. We are born webmasters and blog experts and are happy to help you make the most out of your blog.

We’re also experts in just about every content management system you can think of. Shopify, WordPress, Hubspot, Medium, Ghost, even custom implementations; you name it and we will handle it like experts.

The end result of these efforts is having powerhouse blog posts that are better written than 99% of your competitors. If you hire a great writer who isn’t a content marketer, you might end up writing about all the wrong things, and the posts may not be as relevant, optimized, beautiful, or effective. Many of our new clients hired writers previously who wrote well-read blog posts, but they missed their mark and didn’t address the visitor’s intent when searching for that topic, so they never ranked or received any traffic. For example, if an article about “How To Build a House” spends half of the article talking about the pros and cons of building a house and what rooms you might want, instead of information on zoning, permits, local ordinances, budget, estimated timelines, getting bids from contractors, and other points of interest centered around building a house, you’ll lose that visitor immediately and Google will know it’s not as helpful as other articles, even though it technically reads well and is free of grammatical errors. Both search intent and topic relevancy are extremely important.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Your font sizes may be too small, or you may be using a font color that is too light, which is hurting your rankings. You may be forgetting to include important bio information about the author on the post, which hurts your credibility with Google since they don’t know who wrote it or their qualifications (Google’s E-A-T update). Your comments may be visible to users but not indexable by Google. There’s an overwhelming amount of things to check when blogging, and we check them all - even search factors that are identified through large-scale analyses but not yet confirmed by search engines.

We're honest and we spoil our clients

Honesty is another one of our core values. We’ve built a reputation through honesty and communication with our clients. We’re not in the churn-and-burn business of constantly replacing unhappy dropped clients with new ones every few months. We work long hours so our clients see the results of our efforts and stick with us for years to come. The greatest compliment that we get is when our clients request to increase their monthly budget to create more content for their site when they start to see results.

If something is hurting your site, we’ll let you know about it. For example, we’ve discovered hidden spam links nestled in the source code of our client’s sites from their previous shady web developers, and we’ve discovered sites that were suffering from algorithmic penalties due to low-quality pages that were accidentally being indexed.

These aren’t easy things to bring up to clients, but we believe honesty is the best policy, even if it means risking losing those business relationships. We tell it how it is.

We have an ROI-focused strategy

Blogging is expensive and time-consuming, and takes time to yield results, but we wouldn’t be selling a service that wouldn’t eventually pay for itself. The beautiful thing about blogging is how results compound (see more details on this on our why blog page).

Let’s say for example you sign up with us and the first month yields an extra 150 visitors per month. The second month yields an extra 350 visitors per month. The third month yields an extra 650 visitors per month.

That may not seem like much until you realize that you’re now getting 1,150 extra visitors per month total in traffic after only three months. Three years later, this might look like something closer to 80,000 extra visitors per month all while staying at the same monthly budget.

Understanding the long-term value of blog articles and how they bring visitors into your orbit is critical in understanding content marketing as an investment. It doesn’t take long until your blog posts efforts have compounded and are resulting in far more sales revenue than you initially invested; this isn’t even taking into account the passive SEO benefits to the rest of your site.

We run a number of eCommerce sites in addition to our agency (Content Powered), and between them, we’ve spent an average of $135,000 per site on content while they’ve pulled in millions of dollars of revenue, solely from our content marketing efforts. Our average product price is about $50; the numbers are even more impressive in industries with a higher average ticket.

We stuck with it. If we gave up after a few months, they wouldn’t be where they are today. To quote our why blog page, “With ads, you’re renting visitors. With content, you’re owning a lifetime flow of visitors.”

We write content that performs (long-term)

We touched on this a bit on Reason #6 above, but it deserved its own section. A return on investment is great, but when your marketing dollars continue to bear fruit for years to come, blogging starts to make a lot more sense as an investment.

With blogging, we tend to focus on evergreen topics for a reason. Seasonal posts, news topics, and reviewing new products doesn’t interest us. Why? If we write an article on an iPhone 11 review, is it going to be relevant 5 years from now, or even 3 years from now? There’s a new iPhone every year, and the traffic is going to drop sharply when the iPhone 12 comes out. By the time you read this, you might be chuckling to yourself if this is already outdated.

Evergreen is a term marketers use a lot because, like the plant, evergreen marketing strategies stay healthy throughout the year:

ev·er·green (noun): a plant that retains green leaves throughout the year.

If you’re creating content that is going to be relevant for years to come, it’s wise to pick topics carefully and avoid any topics that could eventually become outdated. If an article becomes outdated anyway, it is generally worthwhile to edit or rewrite the post to reclaim any lost search traffic. This is something we routinely monitor.

As long as you’re blogging about the right topics, those articles will drive traffic for years to come. Some of our clients have been with us for over 7 years and are continuing to benefit from tens of thousands of extra visitors per day to very old articles. Why? They are still relevant, and they have picked up links and authority over time.

We're available on multiple channels

When you’re working with us, you’re not dealing with a team of writers or creating support tickets on some website, you’re working directly with the CEO (James Parsons).

We believe communication preferences should be made by the customer, not by the merchant. For this reason, we’re accessible by any of your preferred methods; phone, email, text, instant messenger, and even in-person meets.

We have customers who we only speak to through email, and others that like to text us with updates from their iPhone. Some only prefer phone calls. Others use all three. The important part is, we’re here for you 7 days a week. Add us to your speed dial.

Our publicly listed number is an office line that may go to voicemail or answering service after hours, but when you’re a client of ours, you’ll have the CEO’s cell phone number.

Many people undervalue the importance of communication and accessibility, but from what we’ve heard from our clients and how much they appreciate that they can text or call us, even on the weekends, we thought we’d list that here.

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