Blog Management Process

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A blog management strategy is nothing without a careful and measured process. We've outlined each step of our process to help you better understand our quality of work and methodology. For over a decade, we've been continually refining and improving this process. The steps and techniques listed in these pages may not apply to everyone, as goals and requirements can vary.

Onboarding Overview


This section will give you a brief overview of what your first months with Content Powered will look like. Getting started with us is quite simple, but this section (and the others) will give some more insight into what goes on behind the scenes. Continue reading

Topic Selection


The quality of your content doesn't matter very much if you didn't thoroughly research your topics beforehand. In this section, we shed some light on some of the techniques that we use to discover promising topics that check all of our boxes: competition, value, traffic, brand fitment, and buyer intent. Continue reading

Writing & Formatting


We're a stickler for good content. We give an overview of the steps that we take to ensure your content comes out perfect the first time with no surprises. Perfect grammar, media rich, beautifully formatted, custom post snippets, consistency, and a regular schedule. Continue reading

Optimization & Improvements


You need to optimize your blog's user experience, your search engine optimization, and your conversion rates. Every advantage your blog posts have over the competition is one that will benefit your search performance for years to come, and our process has been carefully refined and improved over the years. Continue reading

Analysis & Maintenance


Analyzing your blog results isn't just about determining what's working and what isn't. We monitor traffic over time, check if posts need to be updated, audit your existing content and links, and find other areas for improvement. We also track hundreds of different keyword rankings across each of your posts. Continue reading



We do everything we can to improve the performance of your blog, even if they aren't in our job description. Page speed optimization, image compression, community management, automation, bug fixes, plugin management, consulting, and anything else that we can do to make a meaningful difference. Continue reading

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