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We do a lot more than simply writing articles. We can help with many things that fall outside of our job description, and our clients enjoy the perks of free consulting, site upgrades, bug fixes, improvements, and extra features. Here are just a few of the extra perks and features that you can come to expect from us.

Site Maintenance

We can assist with plugin updates, setup, and configuration, site migrations, hosting issues, security breaches, server hardening, DDoS mitigation, and much more. We're web geeks through and through and have been designing and building sites since we were old enough to own a computer.

If you run into any issues with your site, or if you simply have something to float by us, give us a try. We are always trying to exceed expectations and help our clients as much as possible.

Speed Optimization

We're a stickler for a fast site. Most of the sites on the front page of Google have a poor score on Google PageSpeed Insights - if your content is better than the other results and your site is significantly faster and cleaner-loading, you're not giving search engines much of a choice. We want your posts to mop the floor with the competition.

Over the years, we've grown to become quite effective at optimizing sites. Our site scores in the top 95 percentile on both mobile and desktop, as do most of our client's sites. We're happy to do the same for you.

PageSpeed Insights Score

We host our clients on our KeyCDN content delivery network free of charge, as well as give them a free license of WP Rocket, the best site optimization/caching plugin. We'll help set up a solution for image optimization and compression, fix bugs with your theme causing layout shift and write custom code to dequeue plugins on pages where they are not needed. We've also written scripts to more reliably cache your pages with external cron jobs and including pages that WP Rocket misses.

Google has been putting pressure on webmasters to improve their site speed and has admitted to favoring fast loading sites. We'll help you get there, and then some.

Community Management

If you poke through our site long enough, you'll learn a lot of good info. We're happy you've made it this far. One of the little nuggets of information that we've said a few times on this site is that blog comments are one of the most underrated search ranking factors.

They add extra content and value to your blog posts, they show search engines that somebody is home and moderating comments, and discussion shows search engines that your post is good enough to engage with.

We can help moderate your new comments, check them for uniqueness and duplicate content, fix grammar and capitalization issues, flag the spam comments, approve the good comments, and respond to them.

Your rankings and traffic will thank you later.


Do you want your posts to be published to automatically? What about Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn? Not a problem.

We can help you set up custom Zapier recipes to move your content between your APIs. We can hook them into your email newsletter and set up a monthly newsletter recap of your latest blog posts for your subscribers. If you have something custom in mind, chances are pretty good that we can help you out.

Bug Fixes

If we see small bugs on your site, we'll usually fix them on the spot. It's a mostly-thankless job, but it's all the little things that add up to something great.

If something on your site is broken or is causing issues, we'll help you fix it. We're seasoned web developers, and most things like this don't take us very long to fix. As with most things, if you have a question about something or need help with your site, check with us first. Even if we can't solve the issue for you, we can point you in the right direction.


Most businesses invest in content marketing to improve their growth and sales.

As such, operating a business and content marketing are both intertwined. We're knowledgeable about eCommerce, business formation, shipping and logistics, order fulfillment, fraud prevention, conversion funnels, PPC, social media marketing and ads, email marketing, link building, SEO - you name it.

We pride ourselves on being the first people that our clients call when they have a question. As mentioned above, even if we can't directly solve your problem, chances are pretty good that we've worked with someone who can and we can make an introduction for you. We don't charge extra for consulting or phone calls.

We live, eat, and breathe internet marketing and web design, so don't be shy! A few minutes on the phone with us could save you weeks of searching. We're happy to be of assistance and we love what we do.

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