The Best Free AI Detector

Most AI detectors worth their salt are pretty expensive. Our goal was to build the most accurate AI detector that is free to use. Please note that while our tool is pretty darn accurate (scary accurate sometimes), it's not perfect - false positives and false negatives are both possible, so you should never make any serious decisions based on the results of this tool.

What types of AI content can this detect?

Our tool can often detect several different types of AI-generated content; ChatGPT, Google's Gemini AI, and more. However, it was originally trained to detect ChatGPT content, including content generated with GPT-3, GPT-3.5, and GPT-4.

How does it work?

This is a proprietary zero-sum model trained on months of data and millions of words of content. There are many factors that we look at, including paragraph structure, sentence structure, predictive text analysis and NLP, word choices (both positive and negative), and more. We give a brief description of our analysis after your scan is completed.

Are there limits?

Yes, there are both soft and hard limits in place. Please don't spam or abuse this tool; we want to keep this free for all to use. We permanently ban IP addresses that are caught using this tool in an automated fashion. We log all activity and automatically block visitors if they use the tool too aggressively. If you've been blocked, it may be a 24 hour ban, a longer ban, or a permanent ban. If you've been blocked, please wait a while before attempting to use the tool again or our system may permanently block your IP. For the vast majority of users, you should never have this happen to you - this is only for the most aggressive and abusive bots and users.

I've been blocked for abusing the service, can I contact you?

No, please wait some time before trying this tool again. We don't offer support on this tool. You will only be blocked if you abuse it.

Do you have plans to create an API or unlimited version?

If we have enough interest, yes! Drop us a line if you'd be interested in this.

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