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Our agency specializes in many different topics. We don't specialize in them all, but one that we do know very well is the automotive industry. We'll show you some of the ways you can dominate in your market and use content marketing to its fullest potential with Content Powered.

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We know the automotive industry well (and many sub-industries, too)

We work with a handful of different clients in the automotive industry, ranging from custom parts manufacturers and eCommerce stores to LED parts shops to insurance companies to enterprise fleet management - we write about it all.

Our senior writers have race cars in the garage and are knowledgeable mechanics. With our history and love for this industry, we're particularly well suited to write about this type of content. We've even written complex content for an artificial intelligence company in the automotive space.

We'd love to hear about your business; let us know what you're working on!

Auto Accessories
Automotive eCommerce
AI for Automobiles
Auto Sales & Departments
Auto Finance Services
Car Rental Services
Mechanics and Repair
Auto Detailing
Car Restoration
Electric Vehicles
Automotive Software
Training and Safety
Guide: What Every Symbol On Your Car's Dashboard Means

56% of traffic to, DA 40 site, ranking for 14,000+ keywords. Moderate value and competition, lots of traffic.

What Is a Rear Main Seal? (And How to Spot It Failing)

Higher value topic, as this is a more expensive job. 35% of traffic to, DA 48 site - their top blog post by far.

Tire Dry Rot: Causes, Signs, and Prevention

15% of traffic to, smaller DA 31 site. Fairly easy to rank, strong traffic potential - this is their top blog post.

How Much Does it Cost to Flush and Change Antifreeze?

15% of traffic to, their #1 highest traffic page. DA 40 site, ranking for 71,000 keywords. Easy win, low to moderate value.

What Are The Best Heavy Duty Deisel Trucks in 2024?

Highest traffic post on, fascinating one. 98% of their traffic, almost all of their traffic is to this post. Smaller DA 10 site.

Why Contractors Should Lease Instead of Buy Work Trucks

Perfect pain point and ideal stage in the buyer journey. DA 24 site, 43% of the traffic to Their highest traffic post

What are The 4 Main Types of Hybrid Work Vehicles?

High value, the top blog post of, 52% of their total traffic and a DA 26 site. Great value to competition ratio

There are many valuable topics you could rank for - with the right help

Building a powerful web presence starts with creating great content. Okay, well, what does great content start with? The topic. Your topic dictates everything; the type of people searching for that topic, buyer intent, traffic volume, value, competition and difficulty - picking the wrong topic means your content was a waste of time.

We know what it takes to write the best automotive blog posts on the right topics. And, we know that traffic isn't everything; we want to make sure that these blog posts are attracting the right type of customers that are actually interested in spending money with you. Otherwise, they aren't doing you very much good, are they?

Find what your ideal automotive customer is thinking - then give them the solution

Part of our job as content marketers is to hone in on your pain point, and write content that is focused on that pain point to attract that audience. This depends on your automotive business.

For example, if you want to get more sales on your eCommerce store that sells racing parts, our content would focus on topics that surround your customer's various questions about this, like "What Makes a Cam Lopey and What Does It Mean?" - for someone selling performance camchafts, this topic would be valuable to cover because somebody searching for this is researching about performance cams, and there's a strong likelihood they are at the perfect stage of the buyer journey. Their pain point is education and performance; they want to know the right part to buy, and what it will do for them.

Give users what they need, and search engines will rank it highly. That's the tough part - and that's where we come in.

Avatar Image "I want to make my car look better, what parts can I buy?"
Avatar Image "I want to convert my bulbs to LED, what do I need?"
Avatar Image "I'm spending too much on fuel for my fleet vehicles, what can I do?"
Avatar Image "I'm confused by all of these financing options, what's the best way to buy a car?"
Avatar Image "My car is making a weird sound, how can I fix it for a reasonable price?"
Avatar Image "I'm trying to reach car repair businesses, how can I promote my auto software?"
Avatar Image "I need my car repainted, what are my options and how much is it?"
Avatar Image "I want to sell my car and I'm just trying to get a sense of how much it's worth."
Avatar Image "What are the best company vehicles that I can buy for my team?"

Great automotive content deserves great images, too

Part of our service is to enrich your content with images. Some of our client's blog posts get pretty long, as we focus on high-quality long-form content that is between 2,000 and 3,000 words. These are the type of pages that rank #1 for hundreds of keywords. But, nobody likes reading boring walls of text, right? Part of good user experience and SEO is to use great images to make your blog posts more interesting, and to split up that big wall of text.

We'll source photos and purchase the licenses needed to use those images on your site. Or, we can create custom images in Photoshop, like charts, illustrations, and so on. We can also take screenshots. The possibilities are endless, and each of our clients are different, but one fact remains: looks are important when it comes to cars and trucks, so we should capture that with some great photos!

We make our automotive clients lots of money. How? Content and CRO

CRO, or conversion rate optimization, is when one of your automotive readers turns into a customer. That doesn't happen magically - it happens by strategically placing call to actions to influence the reader's attention and guide them towards an action. That might be a soft action, like an app download or a newsletter. Or, something direct and decicive, like booking a call, scheduling an appointment, or requesting a quote.

This is an extremely important and overlooked part of content marketing in the auto industry. We'll help you set your site up so it's not just pulling in lots of traffic, but actually converting into dollars. Content marketing isn't viable unless it's paying for itself, and we'll help you get there.

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Here are just a few of the service types and content clusters we've created for our automotive clients:

  • • Auto Manufacturers
  • • Artificial Intelligence
  • • Parts Manufacturers
  • • Auto Parts Stores
  • • Racing Parts & Services
  • • Auto Insurance
  • • Repair Shops
  • • Auto Painting
  • • Wraps and Clear Bra
  • • Fleet Vehicles
  • • Corporate Vehicles
  • • Semi Trucks
  • • Government Vehicles
  • • Oil Change Shops
  • • Automotive Consulting
  • • Driving Schools
  • • Auto Fabrication
  • • Car Dealerships
  • • Specialty Car Dealers

You're in Good Company

We work with companies of all sizes, from small mom-and-pop shops to Fortune 500 companies:


Here are just a few of the automotive SEO and digital marketing services we can help with:

  • • Website content
  • • Content strategy
  • • Content edits
  • • Lead generation
  • • Search engine optimization
  • • Keyword research
  • • Brand awareness
  • • Graphic design
  • • WordPress management
  • • WordPress upgrades
  • • Publishing for you
  • • Improve speed metrics
  • • Security upgrades
  • • Code and bug fixes
  • • On-page SEO
  • • Off-site SEO
  • • Algorithm updates
  • • Local SEO
  • • Link building
  • • Custom SEO plans
  • • Schema integration
  • • Phone number optimization
  • • Monitoring SERPs
  • • Improve website traffic
  • • Google My Business
  • • Technical SEO
  • • Web design
  • • Website optimization
  • • Meta descriptions
  • • Alt tags
  • • PPC with Google Ads
  • • Landing pages
  • • Google Analytics
  • • User experience
  • • Copywriting
  • • CRO

Let's Grow Your Automotive Business

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