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At Content Powered, our agency, food, beverage, and nutrition topics are our core strengths. Our writers are uniquely positioned to give expert insights, advice, and research to attract new visitors to your business. Then, our goal is to help those new visitors convert. Let's talk about how we can help your food and nutrition business!

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We know the food and nutrition industry well (and many sub-industries, too)

The food and nutrition sector is one of our largest, and we have clients all across the board. Some of our clients sell mushroom supplements or gut flora products, others sell fitness courses or diet instructionals. Whether it's writing recipes for a large national chain or creating blog posts for a Fortune 500 supplement brand, we do it all. We've even written beverage content for brands you've almost certainly heard about!

We write about a lot of things, as you can probably expect from a content marketing agency, but this niche is truly one of our most capable. The list on the right doesn't even begin to cover the giant range of topics we've covered.

Food Processing
Baby Food
Pet Food
Nutrition Consulting
Health Apps
Food Research & Science
Meal Kit Services
15 Delicious Smoothie Recipes for Your Daily Enjoyment

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Conquer Sugar Cravings After Meals: Expert Strategies

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Need Food Ideas? 60 Delicious Latino Meal Suggestions

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Is the 3500-Calorie Deficit Actually 1 Lb Fat Loss Fact?

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Postpartum Shedding: 8 Preventative Measures to Try

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Reasons You're Struggling to Lose Weight Post-Baby

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Morning Puffiness Explained: Top Causes and Solutions

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12 Delicious Clear Skin Smoothies for Acne Prone Skin

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There are many valuable topics you could rank for - with the right help

In the health industry, topic selection is everything. As you probably know, search engines aren't willing to rank your site well just because it's well-written; algorithms like the E-E-A-T update (expertise, experience, authority, and trust) matter quite a bit for these food and nutrition companies. Why? Well, they don't want average Joe's and Jane's with no experience or expertise trying to write SEO content that they know nothing about.

Health and nutrition sites need to be way pickier with their topics for this reason. This is a YMYL industry (your money or your life), since health falls under "your life". So, we want to avoid topics that are overly sensitive (think talks about cancer or depression) and try to stick to topics where people's lives and health don't hang in the balance. This takes a lot of research and rinsing and repeating, but it's worth it.

Find what your ideal food and nutrition customer is thinking - then give them the solution

"SEO" can be murky sometimes. What is it? What are these people doing? Is this even working?

Content isn't nearly as murky, to be honest. The entire concept behind content marketing is that you think about what your customers are searching for, and then write content to target those things so they land on your website. That's the hard part. Then, once they're on your site, we work to convert them into customers - that's called CRO, which we'll talk about here in a second.

The beauty of content is that you can see each blog post and whether or not they are working, whereas SEO is a lot more nebulous. So, our biggest challenge here is getting inside the minds of your target audience so that we can capture them at the perfect stage in their buyer journey. This is something we have a real knack for.

Avatar Image "I'm trying to find healthy meal options that fit my busy schedule, what are some convenient solutions?"
Avatar Image "I'm overwhelmed by the number of diet plans available, how do I choose the right one for me?"
Avatar Image "I'm struggling to find affordable organic produce, where can I shop to save money?"
Avatar Image "I'm hosting a party and need to buy alcohol, how do I determine the right quantity and variety?"
Avatar Image "I have dietary restrictions and find it hard to dine out, how can I find restaurants that cater to my needs?""
Avatar Image "I'm concerned about food safety and hygiene standards in restaurants, what should I look for to ensure a clean dining experience?"
Avatar Image "I want to reduce my sugar intake but still enjoy sweet treats, what are some healthier alternatives?"
Avatar Image "I'm trying to lose weight but don't want to give up my favorite foods, how can I balance my diet?"
Avatar Image "I'm interested in trying plant-based diets but don't know where to start, what are some beginner-friendly tips?"
Avatar Image "I'm spending too much on premium beverages, how can I find quality drinks at a lower cost?"

Great food and nutrition content deserves great images, too

When we're talking about food, drinks, nutrition, diet, and so on - images are everything. Comparing a greasy, nasty meal with a nutritious and healthy meal can speak a thousand words. Plus, images help break up content so it's less motonous and more engaging. People like to skim, and this makes content more digestible.

We handle all of the heavy lifting for you. We acquire the licenses to images and use them in a compliant way. We also optimize every one so the size is low and the images are fast, alt tags are filled out, and so on.

Lastly, our work isn't limited to stock photos; we do custom work in Photoshop, too! Beautiful graphs, charts, or even simple things like screenshots of websites. These are really helpful and add important context to the things we're talking about.

We make our food and nutrition clients lots of money. How? Content and CRO

With the help of Content Powered, your capable and charming new content marketing agency, you're getting a ton of new traffic to your expertly written content. Now what?

This is where CRO comes into the picture. Now that you have people on your site, you want to gently steer them towards a solution. If they're looking to lose weight, for example, we might give them free info and then direct them to a free diet guide. This is where they input their email and phone number so we can send them their guide, and now we have their info so you can market to them later. You successfully captured a lead! Now, imagine having thousands of these that you can market to!

We help all of our clients with CRO, and we'll help you with it as well.

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New: Plant-Based Products!

Here are just a few of the service types and content clusters we've created for our food and nutrition clients:

  • • Supplement Companies
  • • Plant-Based Food Companies
  • • Manufacturers
  • • Meal Kits and Boxes
  • • Food Bloggers
  • • Alcohol Companies
  • • Registered Dietitians
  • • Grocers and Retailers
  • • Food Tech
  • • Pet Food
  • • Baby Food
  • • Catering Services
  • • Agricultural Businesses
  • • Food Packaging
  • • Spices and Seasoning
  • • Barbeque and Grilling
  • • Sports Nutrition
  • • Culinary Schools
  • • Food Safety & Testing
  • • Hydroponic Systems
  • • Vertical Farming
  • • Wild-Caught / Sustainable
  • • Nut and Seed
  • • Weight Loss / Management
  • • Senior Nutrition
  • • Gut Health
  • • Cognitive Health
  • • Allergy-Friendly

You're in Good Company

We work with companies of all sizes, from small mom-and-pop shops to Fortune 500 companies:


Here are just a few of the food and nutrition SEO and digital marketing services we can help with:

  • • Website content
  • • Content strategy
  • • Content edits
  • • Lead generation
  • • Search engine optimization
  • • Keyword research
  • • Brand awareness
  • • Graphic design
  • • WordPress management
  • • WordPress upgrades
  • • Publishing for you
  • • Improve speed metrics
  • • Security upgrades
  • • Code and bug fixes
  • • On-page SEO
  • • Off-site SEO
  • • Algorithm updates
  • • Local SEO
  • • Link building
  • • Custom SEO plans
  • • Schema integration
  • • Phone number optimization
  • • Monitoring SERPs
  • • Improve website traffic
  • • Google My Business
  • • Technical SEO
  • • Web design
  • • Website optimization
  • • Meta descriptions
  • • Alt tags
  • • PPC with Google Ads
  • • Landing pages
  • • Google Analytics
  • • User experience
  • • Copywriting
  • • CRO

Let's Grow Your Food And Nutrition Business

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