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When your healthcare company or medical firm needs content marketing services, you need an agency that understands your topic through and through. At Content Powered, our expert writers have deep experience in both medical and healthcare topics. From detailed research to expert insights and fact checking, we make sure your healthcare site pulls in a ton of new traffic – traffic that converts!

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We know the healthcare and medical industry well (and many sub-industries, too)

The healthcare and medical sectors are some of our main specialties. We work with clients ranging from medical entrepreneurship to device manufacturing to healthcare research and much more. Whether you’re a retailer or reseller of medical goods, a healthcare service provider, or even a research institution seeking medical grant money, we can help.

In our agency, we write about pretty much everything in the healthcare industry. We take it seriously, too. We aren’t just writing generic posts like “what is healthcare,” we’re digging deep into exactly what your medical customers want to know, and giving them helpful, accurate, and fact-checked information.

Take a look at some of the sub-industries of the healthcare and medical sector we’ve covered.

Medical Device Research
Medical Spa
Orthodontics and Dentistry
Medical Facility Management
Medical Entrepreneurship
Managed Healthcare
Health Tech and IT
HIPAA Compliance
Medical Software
Health Insurance
Urgent Care
Medical AI
Medical R&D
Plastic Surgery
Medical Prosthetics
Why Is Your Body Feeling Heavy? Learn the Typical Reasons

#1 article is 1,990 words, inspired by article, one fo their top posts

The Ultimate Essential Oils Guide for Everyday Wellness

Top post on, 25% of their total traffic out of thousands of posts, wow!

Nutritional Strategies for Hypothyroidism Wellness

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How to Tone Your Arms Quickly: 15 Effective Workouts

Top post is around 2,049 words in length, has this as their highest traffic content peice with 26% of their total traffic

Calories and Pounds: Unpacking the Relationship

Low word count and competition. 26% of total traffic to, by far their top post!

Apple Cider Vinegar & Lemon Juice: Does It Help With Weight Loss?

40% of total traffic ot - wow! Moderate competition, low word count. Worth pursuing

A Comprehensive Guide to Detoxing Parasites & Yeast

61% of total traffic to, small DA 23 site, incredible. Easy one to pursue and lots of traffic.

Removing Neck Acne: What's The Safest Way to Get Rid of It?

Top post on, small DA 31 site. Moderate competition, higher word count recommended

There are many valuable topics you could rank for - with the right help

One of the biggest challenges in content marketing in the healthcare and medical space is the high standards you have to maintain. Healthcare, medical, and similar industries fall under Google’s “Your Money or Your Life” or YMYL rules, which hold you to a higher standard than the average website. They don’t want someone searching for medical advice and getting it from someone with no experience or qualifications. We don’t either.

We know your ideal healthcare customers need to trust your medical business, and they can only do that with accurate, fact-checked content. Sometimes, that means avoiding topics only healthcare experts should cover. Other times, it means talking to those experts and combing medical journals for valid, accurate, and sourced information. It takes a lot of research, but the end result is worthwhile.

Find what your ideal healthcare and medical customer is thinking - then give them the solution

Great healthcare and medical content marketing is about more than just plugging keywords into generic content and referring readers to Mayo Clinic. Your medical customers are coming to you with questions; we make sure they get their answers.

What we do goes beyond just producing healthcare blog posts and leaving the rest up to you. Our process includes deep research into your potential customers. What are they looking for? What are their healthcare questions? What medical concerns do they have? What can you provide to them with your healthcare or medical business?

From there, it’s just a matter of putting two and two together. They have medical questions, you have answers, and we make sure they know it.

Avatar Image "How do I deal with the side effects of my medication?"
Avatar Image "How much caffeine is too much?"
Avatar Image "What’s the best healthcare ERP?"
Avatar Image "What are the biggest concerns with an organ transplant?"
Avatar Image "What is a biopsy and what does it do?"
Avatar Image "How can I manage my practice’s medical billing?"
Avatar Image "What’s the relationship between sleep and exercise?"
Avatar Image "What are the latest developments in male birth control?"
Avatar Image "How often should I get a physical?"
Avatar Image "Why do my feet hurt all the time, and how can I stop it?"
Avatar Image "What are the signs I should find a new doctor?"
Avatar Image "Can I get a telehealth visit for my issue?"

Great healthcare and medical content deserves great images, too

Look, we all know that healthcare information can often be dry and boring. Reading medical journals is like deciphering a foreign language, and text is rarely the best way to convey data. That’s why we make sure that all of our healthcare and medical blog content has plenty of great, high-quality images included.

Images for healthcare blog posts come in many forms. Sometimes, it means pictures of medical issues, to help readers identify or rule out what they have. Sometimes it means medical charts, graphs, and healthcare data made with custom graphic design. Sometimes it’s as simple as screenshots of apps. Whether it’s sourcing stock images and making sure you have the rights to use them, or creating custom graphic design from scratch, your medical site will be packed with helpful imagery.

We make our healthcare and medical clients lots of money. How? Content and CRO

With content marketing, there are two numbers that matter. The first is the number of people who visit your healthcare and medical website. The more people who visit, the better, right? Well, not entirely. If a hundred people visit and ten make an order, cool. If a thousand people visit and ten make an order, nothing has tangibly changed.

That’s why we take things one step further. With Conversion Rate Optimization, we make sure that there aren’t just more people visiting your healthcare and medical site, more of those people who visit are converting. That’s the second number that matters: the percentage of people who take action.

What does your healthcare site need? Do you want people to sign up for your medical advice newsletter? Download your healthcare tracking app? Sign up for your health services? Whatever it is, we make it happen.

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Here are just a few of the service types and content clusters we've created for our healthcare and medical clients:

  • • Primary Care Services
  • • Dialysis Facilities
  • • Nursing
  • • Medical Device Manufacturers
  • • Healthcare IT Providers
  • • Hospice Care Services
  • • Hospitals
  • • Weight Loss and Dieting
  • • Medical Consultation
  • • Urgent Care Clinics
  • • Pharmacy
  • • Medical Research
  • • Sexual Wellness
  • • Dermatologists
  • • Healthcare Retailers
  • • Mental Healthcare
  • • Dental Practices and Orthodontists
  • • Medical Entrepreneurs
  • • Labs and Diagnostics
  • • Health Insurance Providers
  • • Medical ERPs
  • • Home Health Services
  • • Medical Spas
  • • Medical Transportation
  • • Child Medical Services
  • • Plastic Surgeons
  • • Medical Billing
  • • HIPAA Compliance
  • • Nutrition Services
  • • Healthcare Systems Design
  • • Medical Imaging
  • • Critical Care
  • • Practice Management
  • • Sports Medicine
  • • Physical Therapy
  • • Medical Testing

You're in Good Company

We work with companies of all sizes, from small mom-and-pop shops to Fortune 500 companies:


Here are just a few of the healthcare and medical SEO and digital marketing services we can help with:

  • • Website content
  • • Content strategy
  • • Content edits
  • • Lead generation
  • • Search engine optimization
  • • Keyword research
  • • Brand awareness
  • • Graphic design
  • • WordPress management
  • • WordPress upgrades
  • • Publishing for you
  • • Improve speed metrics
  • • Security upgrades
  • • Code and bug fixes
  • • On-page SEO
  • • Off-site SEO
  • • Algorithm updates
  • • Local SEO
  • • Link building
  • • Custom SEO plans
  • • Schema integration
  • • Phone number optimization
  • • Monitoring SERPs
  • • Improve website traffic
  • • Google My Business
  • • Technical SEO
  • • Web design
  • • Website optimization
  • • Meta descriptions
  • • Alt tags
  • • PPC with Google Ads
  • • Landing pages
  • • Google Analytics
  • • User experience
  • • Copywriting
  • • CRO

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