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Here at Content Powered, we have many specialties. One of the industries we’re deeply familiar with is the roofing industry. If you’re looking to not just compete, but dominate your local market, we’ll show you how content marketing can help you climb that peak.

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We know the roofing industry well (and many sub-industries, too)

From small residential roofing projects to massive commercial roof treatments, from cold and wet environments to the hot, dry southwest, we’ve covered it all. Our clients have covered every corner of the industry, which include both local shops and national brands.

We all have roofs over our heads, but our senior writers do more than just take shelter under them; they know how they work, inside and out. We’ve helped land million-dollar commercial roof deals and brought small regional roofing companies into leaders in their states. We aren’t your sales team, but our efforts make their job easier and keep the leads flowing.

Roofing may not be the most glamorous industry, but there’s a reason that shelter is a universal need, and our expertise helps your customers see why you’re the experts!

Residential Roofing
Garage Roofing
A-Frame Roofing
Slate Roofs
Metal Roofs
Commercial Roofing
Flat Roofing
Roof Repairs
Storm Damage
Roof Inspections
Leak Repairs
Gutter Repairs
Roof Restoration
Green Roofing
Rooftop Solar
Roof Maintenance
PVC vs TPO Roofing Materials: An In-Depth Analysis

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What Are The Different Types of Commercial Metal Roofs?

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What Are The Pros and Cons of Spray Foam Roofing?

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Signs of a Leaking Roof: Understanding Ceiling Stains

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What is The Best Roofing Company in Miami? (Updated Guide)

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What Are The Types of Roofing Materials and Which is Best?

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What Are Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems vs Normal Roofs?

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What Options Do I Have to Repair My Leaking Metal Roof?

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There are many valuable topics you could rank for - with the right help

A successful roofing business needs a steady flow of customers. Customers come from marketing, and the core to good marketing is trust. These days, the key to modern SEO is building an authoritative and trustworthy presence. It’s not just about what you know, it’s about letting your customers know you know it.

That’s why we place a great deal of importance on choosing the right topics for your content marketing. Our goal is to make sure the questions your actual customers have are answered on your blog. That way, they know that you are someone they can trust with their roofing needs. Plus, it's something people are searching every day on Google, and those are pain points for your ideal target audience. That's powerful.

We aren't just writing fluff to inject keywords and hope the search engines notice - we’re experts in aligning user intent with focused content and your subject matter expertise, to show why you’re the best.

Find what your ideal roofing customer is thinking - then give them the solution

You offer your services, and you know your customers are out there, but do you know how to reach them? We do. Our job as content marketing experts is to get inside your customers’ heads. We find out what they’re really asking, and we find ways that their question can lead to the best possible answer: yours.

Say, for example, your geographic area is known for hailstorms. Roof damage happens all the time, and every time a storm rolls through, people take to social media to ask: what’s the best roofing company nearby to assess how damaged their roof is? Who can repair a damaged roof? Is it worth switching to a metal roof over replacing asphalt shingles?

Your potential customers are searching for the answers to these questions. You have the answers, and we make sure they know it.

Avatar Image "How much does a new roof cost?"
Avatar Image "How long does a roof last on average?"
Avatar Image "How long does it take to install a new roof?"
Avatar Image "What kind of metal roof is better, copper or steel?"
Avatar Image "What are the signs of a failing roof?"
Avatar Image "How can I have a leaky skylight repaired?"
Avatar Image "Can you install a roof on your own?"
Avatar Image "What’s the best sealant for commercial roofing?"
Avatar Image "Does the old roof need to be removed?"
Avatar Image "What is roof flashing and does it need to be replaced?"
Avatar Image "How often should a roof be cleaned?"
Avatar Image "Is rooftop solar a good idea?"
Avatar Image "Is it a bad thing for moss to grow on a roof?"

Great roofing content deserves great images, too

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. While we don’t rely on pictures to tell the whole story, it’s impossible to write a good piece of content without good images to go along with it. Since we focus on high-quality long-form content, we cover the whole picture, not just the words. After all, nobody likes a wall of text. They want to see what these various roof types look like. Right?

To that end, we make sure every blog post is full of great images to improve the content, break up longer passages, and give the reader a good experience. Sometimes, that means sourcing roofing photos and purchasing licenses so you can use them worry-free. Other times, it means bringing in our expert graphic designers to create charts, illustrations, and more, custom for you. We even take screenshots when necessary.

Your blog won’t look like all the others out there; it will be something uniquely yours!

We make our roofing clients lots of money. How? Content and CRO

Your shiny new content is a hit. A ton of fresh new traffic is pouring into your site. What’s next?

It’s one thing to establish your brand as an authority, but it’s quite another to convert that traffic into customers. That’s where CRO comes in. Conversion Rate Optimization is the science - and the art - of figuring out exactly why those customers have come to visit, and how to get them to take the next step.

So, whether you want to get people to sign up to your weekly roofing newsletter, download your app to use your proprietary tech to scan their roof, or just give you a good old-fashioned phone call, that’s what we’ll make sure your content can do for you. After all, a million visitors a month does you no good if none of them pay for your services, right?

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Here are just a few of the service types and content clusters we've created for our roofing clients:

  • • Residential Roofers
  • • Ceramic Roof Vendors
  • • Roofing Contractors
  • • Home Roof Repair Services
  • • Commercial Roofers
  • • Roof Warranty Repairs
  • • Garage Roofs
  • • Industrial Roofers
  • • Tile Roofing
  • • Roof Installers
  • • TPO Roofers
  • • Underlayment Repairs
  • • Roof Inspectors
  • • Leak Diagnosis
  • • Leak Repair
  • • Fire Damage Repair
  • • Drone Inspectors
  • • Roof Ventilation
  • • Emergency Repairs
  • • Storm Damage
  • • Gutter Installation
  • • Mold Remediation
  • • High Pitch Roofers
  • • Gutter Repairs
  • • Flat Roofers
  • • Roof Cleaning
  • • Roof Replacement
  • • Metal Roofers
  • • Roof Coating
  • • GAF Certified Roofers

You're in Good Company

We work with companies of all sizes, from small mom-and-pop shops to Fortune 500 companies:


Here are just a few of the roofing SEO and digital marketing services we can help with:

  • • Website content
  • • Content strategy
  • • Content edits
  • • Lead generation
  • • Search engine optimization
  • • Keyword research
  • • Brand awareness
  • • Graphic design
  • • WordPress management
  • • WordPress upgrades
  • • Publishing for you
  • • Improve speed metrics
  • • Security upgrades
  • • Code and bug fixes
  • • On-page SEO
  • • Off-site SEO
  • • Algorithm updates
  • • Local SEO
  • • Link building
  • • Custom SEO plans
  • • Schema integration
  • • Phone number optimization
  • • Monitoring SERPs
  • • Improve website traffic
  • • Google My Business
  • • Technical SEO
  • • Web design
  • • Website optimization
  • • Meta descriptions
  • • Alt tags
  • • PPC with Google Ads
  • • Landing pages
  • • Google Analytics
  • • User experience
  • • Copywriting
  • • CRO

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