List of 38 Conversion Rate Optimization Tools to Increase Leads

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Tools to Increase Leads

Conversion Rate Optimization, or CRO, is a very important process to adopt as part of running a business. You can make your product better, you can increase your advertising budgets, but at the end of the day, if there's a roadblock in your conversion process, you're still going to suffer. It's often better to smooth out the conversion process and convert more of your existing audience than it is to expand the base audience or try to increase their cart values. Of course, you'll want to do all three, but I'm only focused on the CRO today.

A lot goes into the conversion rate optimization process, and as such, tools to assist with the process can encompass a lot of different areas. I've tried to divide up this list by category to reflect each part of the CRO process with tools that can help.

Let's get into it!

30 Second Summary

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is important for business growth. Smooth conversion processes can cause more sales from current audience rather than expanding base audience or increasing cart values. Analytics is important for making decisions that lift results. Tools can aid in areas such as automation and workflow, lead acquisition, and testing. There are numerous tools available, such as Adobe Analytics for data harvesting, Active Campaign for managing lead outreach, and Convert for split testing. Apps on Shopify can also enhance CRO.


You can't make a single business decision with the hopes of improving the results without data. Chances are, you won't even know where to begin; it's like fumbling around in the dark. The basis of conversion rate optimization lies in analytics. The more data you can harvest, and the better that data is, the better you can target your decisions.

1. Adobe Analytics – An analytics suite powered by Adobe. They have a heavy focus on machine learning and second-tier analytics drawing actionable conclusions from recorded information. Pricing is hidden behind a sales call.

Adobe Analytics

2. Clicky – A robust web-based analytics platform that offers additional features such as heatmaps, uptime monitoring, and real-time detail that you don't get from a lot of other platforms. Pricing begins at $10 per month, with a free plan available.

3. Decibel Insights – A customer sentiment analytics platform that uses AI to score customer engagements and measure abstract concepts like customer frustration and engagement levels. Pricing is hidden behind a demo request.


4. Zuko – A form analytics platform that attaches to your lead generation forms and gives you deep insight into how users are filling them out and what is stopping them from submitting. Pricing starts at $130 per month.

5. Google Analytics – The gold standard baseline for web analytics, powered by the robust indexing and tracking Google offers through their scripts and their browser. Notorious for a few drawbacks, such as sampling. Pricing is free.

6. Heap – Analytics aimed at tracking every individual interaction a user has with your site, from button clicks to form submissions, powered by cloud machine learning to provide insights. A free plan is available, and paid plans start at $1,000 per month.

7. HotJar – Another heatmap platform. In addition to basic heatmaps, HotJar does screen recordings and user feedback surveys with a couple of questions at a time. Pricing starts at $39 per month, though a free personal plan is available.

Hotjar Heatmap

8. User Testing – A site that contracts real human workers to browse through sites, tools, and content, to provide feedback that AI and machine learning can't provide. Pricing depends on the kind of testing necessary.

9. Lucky Orange – Similar to Heap, this platform tracks and records user actions with everything from click monitoring to heatmaps and action recording. Pricing begins at $10 per month for a single site.

10. Mixpanel – An analytics suite that combines a variety of different data sources to give you product analytics with highly customizable dashboards. Pricing begins at $17 per month, with a free plan available.

MixPanel Suite

11. Mouseflow – A powerful and granular heat map tool for your website, aimed at large volumes of recordings and long-duration storage. Pricing begins at $24 per month with a free plan available.

12. Matomo – Formerly known as Piwik. Comparable to Google Analytics, this analytics platform is entirely open-source, GDPR compatible, and offers 100% data ownership. Pricing is free for on-prem usage and $29 per month for cloud service.

Automation and Workflow

Who wants to spend their time making tedious iterations and individual adjustments to a complicated workflow? Many of us have better things to do with our time than do things that could be handled by a robot, even if it's a semi-complicated robot. Thus, automation programs become very valuable for many marketers. For everything else, workflow tools can help make it that much faster to do even if you still have to do it yourself.

13. Active Campaign – A CRM and email marketing platform that offers automation features to help manage, test, and handle outreach to your leads. Pricing starts at $10 per month but varies depending on your subscriber list.

ActiveCampaign Automation

14. Proof – Personalizing content to a user is extremely powerful but equally tedious to pull off. This tool is an automated engine that you can configure to customize your website's user experience for the users who visit. Pricing begins at $79 per month.

15. Confluence – A tool by Atlassian, this is primarily a collaboration and team management platform that can layer on top of just about any business process. Free plans are available, and basic pricing starts at $5 per month.

16. Typeform – A form builder that can be used with virtually any website. Simple and easy to use above all else, it's a powerful engine for lead generation. Pricing starts at $35 per month.

Surveys and Research

While analytics can tell you a lot about your customers, it can't tell you everything. Sometimes, the best source of information is simply reaching out and asking your visitors, leads, and customers what they like and what they don't. Surveys and research tools help you do that.

17. BuzzSumo – A web-based tool that allows you to plug in a keyword and find the most effective, best-ranked content for that keyword. Useful in particular for finding influencers and outreach opportunities. Pricing begins at $99 per month.

18. Survey Monkey – A simple yet effective platform for creating user surveys with security and anonymity as necessary. Simple to use and widely recommended. Pricing starts at $25 per month.

Creating a Survey

19. Five Second Test – First impressions matter. This company offers direct user research; real humans are given five seconds to view and browse your tool, landing page, or other property, and will write a report on their impressions. Basic tests are free, but it costs $200 per month to run optimized and advanced tests, and more for creating custom tests.

20. InMoment – Similar again to user testing, this is a platform that allows you to test a product or platform for various issues, using a combination of user feedback and artificial intelligence analysis. Pricing is hidden behind a demo.

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Lead Acquisition

The hardest part of the conversion process is usually getting your readers to become subscribers to your newsletter, to book a sales call, to request a demo, or to otherwise enter your ecosystem as something other than a casual reader. These tools focus on methods to acquire these leads and qualify them.

21. Outgrow – A tool that allows you to create interactive content optimized for conversions, ranging from chatbots to quizzes and more. Pricing begins at $14 per month with a free plan available.

22. Sumo – A simple form for lead capture with a variety of useful features and optimizations built into it. Free for most features, but advanced features require a subscription at $40 per month.

Sumo Create Form

23. Optin Monster – One of the larger faces in CRO, in addition to having an excellent blog, they offer exit intent pop-ups and other lead generation forms. Pricing starts at $10 per month.

24. GoSquared – One of many platforms offering messenger integration on your website. In this case, it's primarily Facebook's Messenger, but as a webchat interface. Pricing starts at $30 per month with a free plan available.

25. Intercom – Another platform offering an on-site messaging channel, useful for everything from sales questions to customer service. Pricing starts at $39 per month.

Intercom Dashboard

26. Olark – One of the more popular of the website-based live chat systems out there. Again, it can be used for a variety of purposes. Pricing starts at $12 per agent per month.

27. Unbounce – A platform for generation professional quality landing pages focused on generating leads and interest in the products or services your business has to offer. Pricing begins at $80 per month.

Tactical Tools

Being "tactical" with your conversion rate optimization often means using more advanced techniques, high-level thought, and resources many others don't think to use. Some of these might even surprise you that you can even use them.

28. Owler – A competitive research tool that aggregates a surprising amount of data from obscure sources on just about any business you could want to track. Pricing is $99 per year, with a basic free plan available.

29. SimilarWeb – This is a tool that allows you to take any program, app, tool, or platform, and analyze it for varying kinds of data, such as marketing channels it uses, price ranges, budget it spends on advertising, and so on. You can use this to find which businesses out there are actual competitors and which aren't on the same level. Pricing requires a sales call, though a free version exists.

SimilarWeb Prospects

30. ClickFunnels – I might not be a believer in dedicated sales funnels, but if you are, this is a great platform to analyze and codify them. If you want to pin down the exact paths users take to go from newcomer to customer, this is a good way to do it. Pricing is hidden behind a free trial.

31. Demio – This is a platform that allows you to enhance and entice user relationships while you're broadcasting a webinar. Pricing begins at $34 per month.

Testing Tools

Testing tools primarily focus on the meat and potatoes (or was that protein and veg?) of conversion optimization: split testing. Also known as A/B testing, the goal is to segment your audience and see which version of a page performs better on average, for iterative benefit. These tools make it easy to do.

32. Convert – Simply named, simply functioning. This tool is a high value, deeply insightful split testing platform with a deep level of functionality aimed at testing audiences of hundreds of thousands. Pricing starts at $700 per month. Dashboard

33. Search Console – Search Console gives you detailed insights and tailored analytics information directly from Google about the health and status of your site. It will report site errors, help you test pages to make sure they are crawlable, and regularly check your pages for usability, load time, and mobile issues. If you don't already have an account yet, make sure to set it up right away. I'm always amazed at the number of webmasters that have never heard of Search Console.

Platforms and Multi-Function Tools

Finally, some tools and platforms don't quite fit under any one category up above. These are often too robust; they have more than one set of features, and thus let you cover the bases more effectively with fewer tools. As a caveat, that means many of them are more expensive to use as well.

34. Crazy Egg – An analytics suite that offers both heatmap functionality and the ability to split-test varied versions of your landing pages and website content to determine which iterations work best. Pricing starts at $24 per month.

CrazyEgg Dashboard Variant

35. VWO – A full, end-to-end customer experience monitoring and optimization platform with a variety of tools ranging from split testing to sales funnels to cart abandonment reminders. Pricing starts at $99 per month.

36. Omniconvert – A full-spectrum conversion optimization platform that offers several different kinds of platforms and tools, for agencies, Shopify stores, and everything in between. Pricing varies and depends on the kind of business and platform you need from them.

37. Marketo – One of the industry-best conversion optimization platforms, this company covers end-to-end processes from lead generation to analytics to testing to automation to optimization, all in one place. Pricing is hidden behind a sales call.

38. Keap – Formerly Infusionsoft. This is a suite of CRM, conversion, sales, and marketing tools all in one place. Pricing begins at $56 per month but can vary based on the platform you want to use.

Shopify Apps

While many of these tools work on Shopify-based sites, they aren't as deeply integrated as if you were to use a Shopify app directly.

Shopify Apps

Luckily, I've already produced a list of Shopify apps aimed at increasing conversions. If you run a Shopify store, be sure to check out this post, as it's more tailored specifically to Shopify.

Your Recommendations

I've listed quite a few different programs and apps on this list, but it's far from comprehensive.Β Do you have a favorite CRO tool that we let out from this list?

If you have a favorite platform that I haven't mentioned, please let me know in the comments. Simply give me a quick rundown of what it is and what you use it for, and I'll include it on the list!

Written by James Parsons

James Parsons is the founder and CEO of Content Powered, a premier content marketing agency that leverages nearly two decades of his experience in content marketing to drive business growth. Renowned for founding and scaling multi-million dollar eCommerce businesses through strategic content marketing, James has become a trusted voice in the industry, sharing his insights in Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Journal, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, and other leading publications. His background encompasses key roles across various agencies, contributing to the content strategies of major brands like eBay and Expedia. James's expertise spans SEO, conversion rate optimization, and effective content strategies, making him a pivotal figure in the industry.